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Healthy eating should take time, just not your time. Our delicious meal plans come with a FREE Meal Guide to support your fitness and weight goals.

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Dietician Designed Meals

We provide healthy, readymade meals for busy individuals to help them achieve their fitness goals on the go. All our meals are dietician-approved, with nutritional macros for easy calorie tracking.

High Protein, Low Calorie

Need Some Quick Answers?

We are a meal prepping service providing healthy, readymade meals for busy individuals to help them achieve their fitness goals on the go.

Experience the convenience, expertise, and support of having your personal dietitian with Lean Living. We're not just a meal prep service; we're your partner in achieving your health and fitness goals. Choose Lean Living today and savor the benefits of having a nutrition expert at your service.

With Lean Living, you can expect:

  • Uncompromised quality in every bite
  • Dietician approved excellence
  • Fresh & natural ingredeints, always.

First Step

Your order is submitted to our kitchen and will be made within the next 24 hours or the first business day in the case your order has been placed over a weekend or a public holiday.

Second Step

The food packages will now be frozen before sending your order for collection from the courier company.

Third Step

Once the order is frozen and ready to be couriered, we will send you an updated order mail with the tracking company’s details and a tracking number for you to be able to track your order for collection.

Local Pickup Orders

With the local pickup shipping option selected, the same procedure is followed with step one and two.

Once the Food is prepared and your packages have been frozen then you shall be notified for order collection at 1 Saffier Cres, Tamsui Industria, George, 6529, South Africa

Meals are delivered in our custom "Fridge in a Box" insulated packages with dry ice to keep them cool and safe during transit.

This ensures that your meals arrive fresh and ready to be transferred to your fridge/freezer.

Our meals are meticulously sealed using cutting-edge vacuum packaging technology. This ensures that your meals stay fresher for longer, and you won't have to worry about freezer burn or excess water when reheating. Our commitment to preserving flavor means that every bite tastes as if it was prepared just for you.

Our commitment to your well-being goes beyond just preparing meals. We have a team of skilled dietitians who work diligently to ensure that every meal we offer is not only delicious but also nutritionally balanced. It's like having your personal dietitian, crafting each meal to align perfectly with your health and fitness aspirations.

With Lean Living, you can bid farewell to the guesswork and uncertainty that often comes with planning a balanced diet. Our meals are dietician-approved, and we even provide you with clear, easy-to-read macros for each dish, making calorie counting a breeze. You'll have the guidance and expertise you need to make informed, healthy choices without any stress.

Our dedication to your well-being goes beyond just great taste. All our meals are dietician-approved, and each one proudly displays its nutritional macros for easy calorie tracking. With millions of satisfied customers, we continuously strive for improvement to make your life easier and healthier every day.