Where do we deliver
Lean Living offers nationwide delivery, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the convenience of having our delicious ready-made meals delivered right to their doorstep. Please take note that our standard delivery time is 4-7 working days.
Delivery Surprise
You may find it pleasantly surprising that your package often arrives even sooner than the specified 4-7 working days. This is a testament to our dedicated kitchen team's commitment to delivering your meals as swiftly as possible.
Unique location Solutions 
While we strive to accommodate all delivery locations, we understand that some remote areas, such as farms and lodges, may present unique challenges. However, rest assured that we always make every effort to find a solution, even if it means delivering your order to the nearest hub. If you have concerns about delivery to your specific location, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.
Let us worry about how it gets there not you!
We want to assure you that we employ advanced methods, including the use of dry ice and specialized packaging, to ensure the safe and secure delivery of your meals. Even if your parcel spends 3 or more days in transit, you can have confidence that your meals will remain in perfect condition upon arrival.
(Cold to the touch, Semi-frozen, Frozen)