Women's Lean Muscle Meals

  1. Beef and Beans 260g
  2. Beef Trinchado 260g
  3. 120g chicken breast, 80g butternut, 60g Stir-fry (Sweet & sour sauce)
  4. 120 Chicken Breast – 80 Couscous and 60 Creamy Spinach
  5. 120g chicken breast, 80g baby potato, 60g creamy spinach (Sweet Chilly Sauce)
  6. 120g chicken breast, 80g sweet potato, 60g mixed veg(Barbecue sauce)
  7. Chicken Curry 260g
  8. Cottage Pie 260g
  9. 120g lean mince, 80g whole grain pasta, 60g corn
  10. 120g lean mince, 80g white basmati Rice, 60g broccoli
  11. 120g lean mince, 80g white basmati rice, 60g green beans
  12. 120g steak, 80g brown rice, 60g carrots
  13. 120g steak, 80g potato mash, 60g green beans
  14.  Sweet Chili Chicken 260g
  15. 120g steak, 80g sweet potato, 60g broccoli